Marketing is the fuel of sales, and this is a given. The right marketing tools and strategies will keep you ahead of the competition by connecting products with the right customers and at the right time.

To market goods requires knowledge and going through the right process. Opinions of users on have shown the different ways of marketing products effectively. The tips and customer opinions about online shopping led us to the compilation of this list.

1.Loyalty Programme:

Every entrepreneur should learn how to create a loyalty programme. This marketing strategy rewards existing customers and this is because it is aimed at retaining them. Existing customers are often the bearer of new customers and if referrals must be used, then existing customers must be treated well. Now, you don’t need much to begin a loyalty programme for customers. It can be paid and unpaid. Paid loyalty programmes prompt you to pay a certain amount of money known as the subscription to enjoy premium benefits. Unpaid programmes use a points system.

2.Email Win-Back:

Creating an email win-back campaign should not be that difficult. All you need is to set out the email channels and design them in a way that allows you to assess your buyer’s journey. Knowing your buyer’s journey will inform your email campaigns and will help you to design the tone and mood of your email for your target audience. Your email win-backs should be able to convert new customers and retain existing ones for sales to happen.

3.Traditional Methods:

Such as paid social media ads, SEO, press releases, and so on, also work as effective marketing methods. But they shouldn’t be done without first considering the target audience. Most times, these marketing methods work best when the target audience are those who have spent more than the average price on your products. Therefore, you should have a way of segmenting your customers to understand the process and how it works.

4.Public Relations:

Also called PR, this marketing strategy allows businesses to market their goods and goodwill. Aside from that, it provides them with the opportunity to brand and rebrand their content marketing and digital strategies. Public relations include media coverage, doing public promos, funding external reviews, and hosting events and conferences such as customer appreciation day, amongst others.


Collaboration, today, has been taken to a new level. Today we have influencer marketing which was not so in the past. Brand collaboration and partnership is another way online shop owners can market their products. When done right, it is one of the most effective new marketing strategies. Aside from influencer marketing, there is also affiliate marketing and niche features. In addition to these, you can get any of the fan pages for your business tagged to your main page.


There are several ways to improve marketing strategies. You only need to find the ones most identifying with your target audience and your brand engagement.