The food business is one that can never go out of style, and for obvious reasons – we need food to survive. While our need is one thing that may remain static about food, what continues to change is the techniques adopted by food marketers to push sales.

Food curators continue to introduce different spin to meals. Sometimes it is in the developing of new recipes, and on others, it is in the plating and presentation. The end goal is to get more customers to patronize their businesses. Marketing trends have been introduced, with the same trends getting recycled years later even.

On Collected.Reviews, there are feedbacks about food companies and the role they have played in the pushing of these trends. Below are five food marketing trends that have dominated the scene in 2021:

1.The Keywords:

Marketers have noticed that following the pandemic, with many now desiring to get back to being fit, more are only willing to go for meals that word ‘organic’ in them. It does not matter that a meal may contain more calories than they may prefer, the presence of that word alone is enough to sell most. This gives the assurance that whatever is being eaten is purely sourced from nature, and healthy.


Climate change is a topic that has promoted a new outlook on our environment, and this has spilled to so many sectors, of which the food sector is at the fore. Environmentalists have said many of the disadvantages posed to the environment when plastic is what is centrally used to serve food. Bio-sustainable materials are now used, and this, also in the packaging, to appeal to whoever is contemplating on purchasing.

3.A Social Media Personality:

With the impact of social media on our reality, many rely on searches on social media for their next day meal. Marketers have plugged to this new way of securing customers, as relying on word of mouth is not anymore sufficient. This means taking pictures, and maintaining a feed which appeals to their audience.


Following the events of the past year- the COVID-19 pandemic, a ripple effect has been noticed in all sectors, and one in the health sector is that people are now more conscious of things they touch, or what process has gone into making their meal. People are now less willing to simply buy food simply because they look good, and marketers, knowing this, sometimes show a behind-the-scenes of the process that goes into the making of a meal. A clean environment, and health conscious workers helps to restore confidence in customers fast.

5.Highlighting Options:

Many are now choosing to become vegetarian, and those who are not, are making conscious effort to reduce meat, to embrace more plants in their diets. This has made more marketers boldly state that certain meals are plant based, as it calls to the desire of people to have these meals.

Marketing has to be strategic, especially with food, as there are lots and lots of people who sell, and marketers continue to look for ways to one-up the other. These trends have so far in 2021, been plenty prevalent, and this, because it works.