Commercial dishwashers are an essential component of any kitchen and in many cases they will be operational throughout service, to provide kitchen staff with clean dishes and glassware. This can use a large amount of energy and be a significant cost factor for the business, but there are some ways that you can cut your energy usage, without cutting back on quality.

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Reduce water usage

One of the main costs associated with commercial glass washers and dishwashers is for heating up the water, but by using less water, you can reduce the extent of the costs.

Check the manual

Often, we start using kitchen appliances, such as commercial glass washers and dishwashers, without actually reading the instructions thoroughly. By consulting the manufacturer’s recommendations, you might find you’re using too high a temperature, which is wasting energy and costing you more. Most commercial washers will have different temperature settings, so you can adjust it accordingly.

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New machines

When it’s time to choose a new dishwasher, such as one of those available from, you should look at the amount of water required for a single cycle. The more that it takes, the longer and more expensive it will be to heat up the water. Older machines could typically require as much as 300 gallons for an hour, whereas newer models can use less than 100 gallons in an hour. They can also come with other energy saving features, such as active water filtration and heat recovery systems.

Reduce pre-washes

Unless the dishes are extremely dirty, you shouldn’t need to pre-wash them, as this just takes up more water. Ensure that you remove any leftover food and only use the pre-wash function for stubborn stains.

Be careful not to overload

Putting too much into your washer will also use more energy, as the appliance has to work harder to clean the dishes. If they don’t come out completely clean, you’ll have to run it for a second time, increasing your energy usage.

Dry later

Heated drier settings in dishwashers and glass washers use a large amount of energy, but, if your appliance allows, you can switch this off and dry the dishes by hand or air dry them. Some machines don’t have this feature, so you’d need to turn it off manually at the right time.