Savings habits is not easy. Many complain difficult to save money, even in small quantities. Generally, people are not accustomed to the discipline to set aside money for savings immediately after earning. This is most likely due to several factors, namely income really minimal and just enough for daily life and people generally do not define their financial goals clearly.  So how to get to us easily saving such as written tips on Here are 10 easy ways to save:

  1. Record your habits in a month

You do not need to be rich to be able to save. Actually, it is very easy to save, as long as you are spending less than income. Before you decide to save expenses which, you must know how your habits of spending money each month. As well as other expenses, to buy clothes on SALE time and set budget limits that can be used when shopping.

  1. Set aside money for your personal

The key to success of saving is to set aside money in the beginning, before payment of other things such as paying electricity, water and installments. Determine the long-term goals and regularly save your money in a savings or investment. If you get used to the new shopping and trying to save as there is money left at the end of the month, then usually the rest of the money in your account is not much. Do not give the opportunity for wasteful, set up a retirement fund, an emergency fund, and college funds by means of automatic transfers. Each end of the month you’ll be glad that you’ve been saving something for the future.

  1. Determine Date

If you receive a monthly salary then there would be problematic to determine the date to set aside funds, but for those who receive wages / salary every two weeks, then select one of the two that date to set aside funds to be saved. If you are an entrepreneur, specify the date in the middle of the month when you do not pay the bills.

  1. Pay Your Debt

Immediately pay off debt is one of the best ways to speed up your savings. This is because the interest on the loan is higher than the interest savings.

  1. Keep the discipline you

After the debt paid off, then continue to set aside funds each month into savings, even better if it’s available automatic withdrawal to put investment.

  1. Motivate yourself to achieve great results

Decide what you want (New Sofa, Family Vacation Packages, Home Theater) and know how much money is needed, and then determine how realistic such as saving regularly for six months. Put a picture that shows what you dream at your desk, room or wallet so you always remember your goal of saving. So every time there is a temptation SALE discounts or at the mall, you do not easily tempted.

  1. Open an account that you cannot touch

To purchase with a larger number, such as the down payment for a house or car, save slowly by using deposits. These accounts generally have higher interest rates than regular savings, and time period for the period specified. Thus, you cannot touch it when there is a temptation to go shopping, but may still be disbursed when an emergency occurs.