No need to be an office employee to get income. Becoming an entrepreneur or having your own business is now a trend in the community. In fact, without big capital, anyone can run a home business with a very promising income. Working from home is the right choice for some people because it has many advantages. Flexible time, free from traffic, and of course economic capital are some important considerations when someone decides to work from home.

Culinary Field Home Business

1. Catering

The small culinary business that is run from home can not be underestimated. Many success stories that prove, big culinary entrepreneurs, start their business from home business. Want to follow in their footsteps? Some of the ideas below are worth trying.

Having a hobby and cooking skills is a huge capital to start a home catering business. However, that doesn’t mean you who can’t cook can’t run a similar business. You can hire a cook who has the same taste and works ethic. To start a catering business, do it on a small scale, for example, daily catering for families and offices, school supplies, or special events such as recitation. Furthermore, you can expand it to a larger scale, such as wedding party catering. Given that capital is still limited, maximize existing cooking equipment. After getting a bigger market, then you buy catering machines and equipment, such as noodles, fruit and vegetable cutters, and tuber peeler.

2. Bakeries and Cakes

Opening a bakery and cake shop at home is a great idea for your baking hobby. You can not only do the activities you like but also have a business that is a source of income. Very interesting, right? For starters, you can use equipment to make bread and cakes at home. To market it, in addition to being sold at home, you can leave it in the stalls around the house or the school canteen. Grow your business by targeting larger targets, such as providing office snacks or becoming a cafe supplier. At this time, you need to invest to buy a planetary and spiral mixer, gas or electric oven plus proofer, bread slicer, and others.

3. Food stalls

If your place of residence is located in a strategic location, such as on a side street, opening a food stall can be an interesting home business idea. To determine the menu, do a small survey to find out the taste and economic level of the local community. This method is important so that your stall has loyal customers first. Thus, your shop always seems crowded and it will make outsiders curious to come so that turnover increases. When customers increase, you must provide a large number of menus so that you need a large capacity cooking equipment. To make it look attractive, hygienic, and stay warm and tasty to eat, there’s no harm in the food served with a bain-marie.

4. Snack Packing

Guaranteed to sell well, easy to make, and low production costs are some of the reasons that make the snack packaging business have good prospects. To be competitive, give the characteristics that differentiate your product from competitors. Various chips, crackers, fried macaroni, stick noodles, dried and cheese sticks are some of the best-selling snack packs on the market. Although it looks cheap, with a large production capacity, the benefits are very tempting. To increase production, use tools such as cutting machines and vacuum fryers. Make attractive brands and logos and use the help of packaging machines, both manual and automatic, to pack snacks neatly.

5. Frozen Food Product Agents

Frozen food has now become a very important household need. Almost all families have frozen food stash in the refrigerator. The practicality factor is the reason for mothers to choose frozen food as a menu for the family. Such a large demand makes many people competing to make frozen food products. You can become part of this business chain by becoming an agent of frozen food products from other companies without having to produce your own.

That is why being an agent of frozen food products is one of the promising home-based businesses. Small initial capital is needed to buy a freezer machine. However, with smooth sales, the money you invest can quickly return.

6. Private lessons

For those of you who have more knowledge, especially teaching staff, opening private lessons at home is the easiest way to supplement your income. The level of need for private tutoring is still quite high, especially in times before the school exams. You can start with one or two students. If you can provide tutorials that are fun and satisfying to students, it’s not impossible that this home-based business will grow and you can open classes. Take advantage of one of the rooms to be used as a study room, complete with chairs, chalkboards, markers, and other needs. If necessary, you can also make study guides or a collection of questions that students must have.

7. Costume Rental

Another business opportunity that can be used as a profitable business idea is costume rental services. Ranging from traditional clothes, wedding clothes, children’s birthday party clothes, to luxurious party clothes you can rent. If financial conditions are not yet possible to rent costumes of various types, start with traditional clothing for children. This costume is always sought after every year to commemorate major holidays at school, for parades, shows, and so on.

8. Laundry

To successfully run a home business, you must be keen to see business opportunities by observing the circumstances. If you live in a student or employee boarding environment, a branded bag laundry service business is a business opportunity that is worth a try. Start on a small scale first by opening a kilo laundry or becoming another service agent that already has a name. Little by little, you can raise capital to buy a washing machine so that it can enlarge your existing laundry business.

9. Designing and Tailoring Clothes

The development of the fashion world in Indonesia is very dynamic and never subsided. If you have the talent and skills to design clothes, you can take part in enlivening the Indonesian fashion world. The need for clothing is a big market that will be a pity if you miss it. The main capital to start a home-based business in the field of fashion is certainly your expertise in fashion design. To sew it into apparel, you can hire a professional and reliable tailor.

10. Vehicle Rental

Maybe you think you have to have lots of vehicles to be able to open a vehicle rental business. One or two vehicles are enough to start this home business. You can work with colleagues who are willing to leave their cars for rent. This business will be more profitable if you live in a place that has many attractions that are difficult to reach by public transportation. Don’t forget, pay attention to the safety factor, both from your side as the vehicle owner and the renter.