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What are the solutions and strategies for unemployment?

The level of unemployment is increasing by the day and this is due to the increase in the number of people applying for jobs and a drastic drop in the number of jobs in the market. Every government is battling with unemployment index because unemployment among the populace leads to a proliferation of crime and other nefarious activities.

To understand the level of unemployment and its impacts on people around the world, you can visit As many governments globally claim to toughen the fight against unemployment, here are some of the strategies that can be employed towards reducing the number of unemployed people roaming the streets.

Increase the supply of skilled labour

The supply of skilled labour has to increase to be commensurate with the number of people leaving tertiary institutions of learning. The availability of highly skilled workers will enable companies to complement the hiring of skilled and unskilled labour.

Addressing macro-economic challenges

With many investors pulling out of even the most stable of economies, the level of investment in many countries have dwindled, and this is not good for the overall economic productivity of any country. The influx of telecom network companies into the country … Read More

General Work Motivation Employees Have, Which You?

Are you an employee? If so, you only have one of the most in this country. You and they certainly have a variety of work motivation?
Of course, every job requires motivation and some of that motivation is inconceivable to you.
I have more than 8 years in the world of employees. He was a saleswoman in the biggest bookstore in Indonesia, a teaching assistant during college, worked as an office employee in banking until he was repaired as a government servant.

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With various professions that I have ever worked on. All of these professions have different work motivations, while generally have the same pattern.

Next, I summarize the work motivation of employees received, this is based on my experience with various professions that I have occupied.
Motivation to be financially secure with a monthly salary
This is work motivation that is most widely used to motivate and encourage work.
Having a payment every month will help in life. Because the principle of happiness in life is financial. Facilities in the ease of life Nearly 80{c4441badb95e73c3b1adceb8b6185bbe71ac2aabf6c31151acbfe4fd5c769454} can be obtained when we have money.
And a monthly salary will help meet the desirable living … Read More